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We make the most of all our children.

Our agency has been present for over 20 years in the market. We make the most of all our children.

Charities often have rich mines of content and important information to share, but they also have specific challenges. From how to support content production in non-digital teams to creating unified models for content production that suitcomplex organisations.

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The RuteHope charity organization is seen as one of the strategies elaborated or established to keep a good number of development projects to operate within different Pentecostal, Baptist and Methodist churches or denominations in Africa in particular in South-Kivu, North-Kivu and Maniema, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Since different types of wars have devasted the Democratic Republic of the Congo, different international aids have been deployed to urgently relieve the situation for recovery purposes. However, due to different social, economic and political issues, it appears that some part of the society has been forgotten including the Christian churches. Inadequate measures taken to restore lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have left people in desperation, poverty and total confusion. Those believing in God have placed their last hope and refuge into churches as they continue to pray for change.

In South-Kivu, North-Kivu and Maniema, it can be observed that most of the Christians and new born again in the body of Christ are still in their active age without any occupation or prospect plan for the future due to not only lack of opportunities but also different political and social economical instabilities. As the war has and still exterminating many in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, including Christians consequently many women have become widows; victims of rape and poor but also children have become orphans and do no longer attend schools since the Organization that was helping them, The Missionary Funds, do not work as normal currently due to the killing of its trustees who were ambushed during a trip mission back in 2017.

It was said that this organization was financing different development projects into churches and such an approach was helping, enabling and empowering Christians in the way that they were not feeling forgotten.
Among the Missionary Fund Committee, the two survivors have tried their level best to keep the organization alive with its work but it appeared hard for them to carry on as the organization’s capacity is financially limited.

Having visited some of these churches myself while in Africa, I realized how churches seem to be the African community pillars. Therefore, as many churches have got many Christians the churches need to help the community grow and develop in order to become resilient.

In encouraging this idea, the RuteHope charity, which is an association of few friends to whom I have exposed the problematic and they understood and agreed to be depositing forty pounds (30 pounds) each mouth from their own salary in order to help the Missionary Funds mission, has associated itself to the Missionary Fund organization to serve as a backup that would assist the advancement and accomplishment that the Missionary Fund has assigned itself to keep and preserve the Christians lives by supporting different development church projects.

In so doing, would make education affordable, establish small businesses, enhance unity through the spread of gospel and enable the youth to understand that life is not all about smuggling to settle into other countries and therefore help into the process of recovery and keeping the Christians lives active into the above-mentioned churches.

Having said that, it is also crucial to mention that the RuteHope charity, would not do much to help the Missionary Fund on its own. Therefore, it will need different supports from different places such as individuals, churches and other organizations that work toward the same objectives of establishing a sustainable development. Being there for the RuteHope charity would be as a helping hand as there is no action that does not count. We need to see and testify the role that churches have played in flourishing and bringing back joy and peace within the African Christian lives, in particular in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


The RuteHope charity being a Christian organization, it emphasizes that the first beneficiary will be those needy Christians and new born again located within different churches where our partners, the Missionary Funds, operate.
The ones considered under privileged are those parents with difficulties in paying school fees for their children; single mothers; orphans; unemployed; and victims of sexual abuse.
Our beneficiaries should somehow be connected to one of the congregations working with the Missionary Funds. It still difficult to determine the number of beneficiaries that our charity, RuteHope, would be able to help. However, it is also important to remind that the RuteHope charity will not be fully financing projects due to its finance’s limitation.

It will only be helping with the little means it disposes while waiting for other funding in the future. The RuteHope charity acknowledges that individuals “Christians” have different needs to be satisfied including: education, empowerment by establishing small businesses, advices, counselling using God`s words, reconciliation through seminars and group work, eradicating poverty spiritual nourishment. In general, just a Christian based sustainable development needs.

Currently as the Missionary Funds appears not to have enough finances since the organization founders do no longer exist, these needs are not met. However, the good strategy that has been applied though it seems unsuccessful was about how Christians were offered two goats in each group of five. A male and a female, then they will multiply and after each year each respective group would be able to donate or give back two flocks to the other group and so forth. It was said that it appeared to work but with the political insecurities, armed groups have targeted the goats because of hunger as they don`t get paid.

Although, we could state that there are few projects that are financed with very minimum limited finances, the organization appears almost dead.

Since the RuteHope charity has started patterning with the Missionary Funds, there is a hope that the organization will be come back to life in due time, as a financing plan has been established.