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Community Capacity building

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We empowers disadvantaged communities to identify and meet their needs, helping them become more active members of society.
To develop the capacity and skills of the members of different Christian churches as specified above (socially and economically) especially of those disadvantaged communities, in a way that they are better able to identify and meet their needs and participate more effectively and fully in society. This would also help in ensuring having patriotic citizen that would not abandon their country due to different issues. It has been stated that the youth`s desire was to use any possible mean to leave the Congo and settle into European counties, Canada or U.S.A. to better their lives. However, this ideology seems to be enhanced by the lack of information together with other empowerment strategies that have not been applied. Therefore, as the developed countries experience immigration issues on a daily basis, building the community capacity from the outside point of view, would strategically be a tool in decreasing the number of illegal immigrants together with associated crimes.

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