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The RuteHope charity is an organization that support different development projects within different churches from different Christian denominations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, particularly in South-Kivu, North-Kivu and Maniema. It aims to empower less privileged Christian communities in partnership with the Missionary Fund organization in the Congo, as the way to settle the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Chibashimba Ngwata
CEO of the RuteHope Charity

Background And Bibliography Flavor:

Born in 1983, qualified as a community developer, researcher, and disaster responder. Spent time into research and humanitarian action. Has involved into many charities in the developing and developed world. A keen supporter of the Redcross but also Christians organization empowering the deserving ones. Working towards being a driving force behind the “Sustainable Development Goals”. The RuteHope charity being a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) is classified as a private foundation charity. Taking the RuteHope charity background into account it is important to disclose that, the organizational has been established in memory of my late dad and mentor who was one of the two survivors that were trying their best to keep the work of the Missionary Funds alive. Though this servant of God has passed while serving the body of Christ, the RuteHope Charity believes in the helping and sacrifice legacy that the works done by the Missionary Funds can still be attained. As far as the legacy is concerned, it is important to mention that from my childhood I have been initiated into Christian voluntary projects. I even remember to have been helping a team of Pastors back in the Congo in 1994 after the Genocide in Rwanda, to spread the good news into the refugee` camps in the Democratic Republic of the Congo before being associated into the church project management team. Later on, I was appointed as a secretary of one of the charities in the region before I even finished my secondary school.

My enthusiasm developed within the voluntary sector and offered me an opportunity of a scholarship to study at the Project Management Institute. While studying far from my family, the war started and as a family, we all got scattered before I find myself in Europe as a refugee.

Through the tragedy that would appear not necessary to narrate, I never stop thinking about my vision of being as my father one day. I managed to hustle and got admitted at Coventry University where I have finished two degrees: a Bachelor degree and a Masters degree in two different subjects. One in Applied Community and Social Studies and a masters in Disaster Management and Resilience.
Being a qualified Community worker at the same time a disaster responder, I have also volunteered with the British Red cross and experienced once more the struggles of vulnerable people including asylum seekers and refugees which have encouraged me to work more on my dream of helping vulnerable communities one day and of course that day has come.

While back home attending my dad`s funeral in 2020, I have met with the only member remaining as a trustee of the Missionary Fund organization.

Ruth Ngwata, HR & Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Rutegamasi Ngwata, former Executive of the Missionary found in Africa

He explained that he is a Pastor and he does encourage other Christians through their offering and organizations to donate for saving the organization mission however the help he gets remain almost inconsiderable comparing to what has to be done. He argues that he regrets to see their organization struggling financially without any help anywhere whereas it was the only help for their Christians.

He also mentioned that most of the youth`s vision is to leave the country by any means to reach Europe, Canada or the U.S.A. for a better life which sounded to be unrealistic while believing that it was the matter of lack of capacity building and empowerment to make them understand that a better life can be established where they are without smuggling into other countries.

Consequently, I felt that I had nothing to offer apart from my idea that I have to put on paper and try to find ways out so that the Missionary Fund organization’ mission can not die due to the passing away of its servants. I therefore have used a pen, paper and mind into charitable work.


It has pained to visit few churches and see how desperate our churches have become in terms of helping Christians. Christian appear to have sunk in poverty which is characterized by many factors including malnutrition, different types of diseases and unhappy faces.

From the above, I felt being in a position of giving back something to our churches by helping the Missionary Funds organization financially, so that it can survive and not fade. It has helped and I want it to keep on helping. Indeed, I knew my late dad prepared me for a reason and my time has come to stand and make his work carry on.

Therefore, I have a group of three friends who have accepted to be putting money together from their wages (30 ponds each) on a monthly basis in order to financially assist the Missionary Funds organization each after six months.

These friends are professionals specialized in different development arenas. In addition to our monthly contributions, as stated into our charity constitution, the trustees will also be able to apply for funds, grants and donations if appropriate.

In making sure that the Missionary Funds is receiving our funds and making effective use of it, reports will be received and trips might be organized to visit the Missionary Funds in the Congo to appreciate its works. While visiting, it will also be important to pass into the same churches to see if there has been any improvement. To get an adequate feedback, we could talk to the direct beneficiaries, Christians. Doing so, will be one of our monitoring and evaluation strategy.

Engr Ngabo Thomas, Operation Executive Manager