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Advancement of Education

a. To advance the primary and secondary education of the orphans’ pupils whose parents might have been victims of wars and other atrocities committed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Targeted pupils are those congregating within Pentecostal, Methodist and Adventist churches in South-Kivu, North-Kivu and Maniema.

b. To advance the education of the pupils at the above educational level by providing and assisting in provision of facilities that are not required to be provided by the local education authority for education at school.

c. For the public benefit to promote the education including social and spiritual training of new peptized believers, that have received Jesus-Christ as their Lord and Savior, especially those under the age of 25 years in such ways that the trustees think fit, including by:
d. Awarding to such persons under the age of 25 years IT training, through a reasonable maintenance allowance or grant tenable at any IT College, or institution of higher or further education if appropriate.

e. Providing their education (including the study of the Bible or other arts), to undertake practical assignments in furtherance of that education or to prepare for entry to any occupation, trade or profession and on leaving any educational establishment.

f. To assist in such way as the charity trustees think fit any Charity in place (South-Kivu, North-Kivu and Maniema) whose aims include advancing education of person under the age of 25 years, especially new Christians born again Christians by developing their mental, physical and moral capabilities through different educational activities including leisure organized by their respective churches.

g. To advance the education of the public biblically (and particularly amongst the youth) on the subject of peace and reconciliation through words of God.